Long – distance cycling track Hamburg – Bremen

Beautiful landscape

From Hanse town to Hanse town by bike
Welcome to the internet link “Long – distance cycling track Hamburg – Bremen”. The link provides you with all information needed to plan and start the long distance journey by bike.

The track covers 150 kilometers and connects two of the most famous Northern German Hanse towns. Far off the main roads the track will take you through beautiful landscapes between the rivers Weser and Elbe, the North Sea and heathland. Travelling on old trade routes you will experience the typical North German countryside. You will pass the plains of the rivers Wümme, Oste and Este, extended forests and gently rolling hills. Arriving in Bremen/Hamburg you can take the chance to explore the city by bike.

The complete track is marked in the signpost system for cycling tracks used all over Germany. The red and white logo with the abbrevation “HB” for Bremen or “HH” for Hamburg outlines your route.

If you wish we can provide you with brochures and maps of the area. Information is also available in German bookshops:

  •  Spiralo-Radwanderkarte „Radfernweg Hamburg-Bremen“, Maßstab 1:50000, ISBN 978-3-87073-646-0, 12,95 Euro (15,15 Euro with Porto)

  • Bikeline-Radwanderkarte "Radfernweg Hamburg-Bremen", Maßstab 1:50000, ISBN 978-3-85000-498-5, 13.90 EUR (16,10 EUR with Porto)

The link Uebernachten und Schlemmen offers a list of accomodation up to 5 kilometers off the track. Check the link Touristische Highlights for information on interesting sights and tourist information along the track.

If you are interested in further information on package holiday offers for your chosen tour don`t hesitate to contact us!

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